RIDE Ovada Oxford Mark Gardener Andy Bell Loz Colbert Steve Queralt by Andrew Ogilvy Photography OX4

SHOEGAZE pioneers Ride take aim at Theresa May in their defiant new track ‘All I Want’.

After receiving waves of acclaim for ‘Charm Assault’ and ‘Home Is A Feeling’ back in March, the band have now unveiled the third single to be taken from their long-awaited album Weather Diaries, their first full-length release in 21 years.

Featuring the stuttering electronic touches of producer and DJ Erol Alkan, ‘All I Want’ is a huge all-encompassing track awash with shimmering guitars, looped vocals and a complex drum groove. Much like the two previous tracks, it is an exciting insight of what’s to come; proving that the four-piece are still adept at conjuring ambitious soundscapes and timeless tunes.

Discussing the track’s political motivations, Andy Bell said: “The day we recorded ‘All I Want,’ Theresa May had announced that her government would be making firms list their foreign workers. As it turned out that never happened because of the outcry about it, but that was the origin of the line comparing the U.K. to 1930’s Germany. It’s not like Ride are ‘going political’ it’s more that the current state of the UK is so terrible that we could not avoid writing about it when we were writing lyrics for the album.”

With every indication pointing towards a triumphant release, Weather Diaries is due to arrive on 16th June via Wichita Recordings. The band will perform at a number of festivals including Benicassim, Latitude and Green Man this summer.