AHEAD of his headline show at King Tut’s tonight, Russell Stewart has released his debut EP ‘Into View’.

Known for his intricate and emotive brand of modern soul, the EP unveils new dynamics to his songwriting – bringing in electronic flourishes and alternative twists to create a sound that is wholly immersive.

We’ve already heard the likes of ‘Align’, ‘Inward’ and ‘Sleeplessness’ which themselves traverse a spectrum of personal reflections – from trippy frustration to dreamy sentiments to haunting intensity – and now latest single ‘You Move Me’ continues this emotional journey.

A poignant reflection on unrequited love, it’s an understated track tinged with sadness and vulnerability as Russell’s smooth vocals are delivered over a mellow jazz-inspired instrumental.

Speaking on the EP, Russell said: “I wanted to give people a broader perspective of who I am and the music I make. Songs that span across my own extremes but with the running thread of my songwriting and vanives’ production pulling everything together.

“It’s a bit of a rollercoaster from the wild and energetic feel of Align, to the sad and mellow You Move Me, to the dramatic and intense Sleeplessness and, finally, to hopeful and upbeat with Inward. The EP is named after the last words of Inward – and the EP. ‘Into View’ felt quite poetic as I’ve been wanting to release a body of work for so many years and now it’s finally happening.”

Tune in below.

Photo by Kieran Howe