SAINT PHNX have shared a moving tribute to their late father called ‘Happy Place’.

The Glasgow-based duo have spoken openly on social media about the premature loss of their dad earlier this year and have kept him in their thoughts in their quest to release new music.

Speaking about the track’s release today, they said “We are full of mixed emotions. Happiness, sadness, joy , pride and love. We hope everyone can listen to this song and feel the love we poured into it”/

Describing it as the “most difficult song” they’ve ever written, ‘Happy Place’ is an emotional listen – one armed with a distinctive message of hope and optimism. Grounded by the profound sadness of their loss, it’s a track that sums up the joy and sorrows of the human experience in one fell swoop.

Musically showcasing a softer side to the duo with plucked guitar strings and heartfelt lyrics. the track soon gets taken over by a palpably uplifting energy as they deliver one of their trademark anthemic choruses.

Recently signed to Atlantic Records, there’s plenty more still to come from SAINT PHNX.