SAM FENDER has shared his own heartfelt rendition of Alan Hull and Lindisfarne’s emotional 1970s folk track ‘Winter Song’.

Carrying a timely message of humility and reflection, it’s a song that is very close to the hearts of the North East community and Fender does it justice, lending a truly breathtaking vocal to the emotive recording.

The song has been released in partnership with People on the Streets, a social enterprise that seeks to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness in the UK. Participants in their courses learn photography skills and develop a portfolio of visual and written work and the lyric video for ‘Winter Song’ features a number of these photographs, sharing a perspective of the street from those currently living on it.

Fender is also selling The Big Issue via his official website ( With vendors unable to work due to COVID restrictions, he has partnered with The Big Issue so that all profits will go straight back to the magazine to be split between them and the vendors”

He comments: “I wanted to do a Christmas song, and wanted it to be close to my home and my heart. For me, the words are more relevant this year than ever. Christmas won’t be the same for a lot of people this year, and that’s why I picked Winter Song. Alan Hull truly was one of the most fantastic and underrated writers of his time. Geordie legend.

He adds: “I hope I’ve done it justice, I’m really proud of it.”

Watch the video below.