SOMETIMES a track appears on your timeline out of nowhere and it makes an instant impact, nestling itself in your playlist as quickly as it arrived.

One such example is ‘West Coast Feeling’ by Samuel Nicholson. Born in Edinburgh but currently based in London, the singer-songwriter is also known to perform with Scottish indie group Frankie Morrow – a band we got to know through the release of their EP ‘Blue Parrot Backpackers Hostel’.

No stranger to the live scene in London while honing his craft alongside a crop of like-minded musicians, Nicholson has carved out a reputation for his distinct lyrical ability, rich productions and impassioned vocals. ‘West Coast Feeling’ continues this rich vein form – a track that seizes the heart from the very outset, it’s absolutely brimming with raw excellence.

Armed with an acoustic guitar and rich with melody, his vocals shift from a tender falsetto to rugged and gravelly at the drop of the hat, as he delivers his sermon with the utmost sincerity and emotion. He sings with so much passion, it feels like he’s delving deep into his soul – adding small subtleties to the arrangement along the way. It’s hard not to love.

Tune in below.