GIVEN the current state of the world and all that’s gone on in recent months, it wouldn’t be totally ridiculous to assume that the apocalypse is nigh. A fairly depressing if not humorous theory perhaps but it’s one that has been given an alternative upbeat spin on SEA READ’s appropriately titled debut single ‘The World Is Ending’.

More readily known for his work behind the scenes as a tour manager for bands such as Hinds and The Parrots, Callum Read is finally ready to emerge from the shadows and fulfil the promise shown in early bedroom recordings by embarking on his own musical project under a new moniker. As an introductory track, ‘The World Is Ending’ ticks all the right boxes; at just over one and a half minutes in length, it is a brilliantly executed piece of garage pop that leaves you holding out for more.

Having recorded in Madrid at the recently opened Gamma Studio alongside Diego Garcia, it is perhaps unsurprising to hear that the track possesses the same lo-fi charm as Hinds and The Parrots; Read’s washed out vocals working well over the distorted jangle of guitars and buoyant rhythms. And although he is singing about the world coming to an end, there is something wonderfully uplifting about the whole thing as he delivers his melancholic lyrics over sweet and infectious melodies. A simple yet truly endearing affair, it’s probably the only song you’ll hear in some time that broaches the subject of impending doom while leaving you with a smile on your face.

Check out the video below.