INTRODUCING Shay – an exciting new addition to the world of Scottish pop.

After spending the last year holed away in the studio, honing in on his craft and building a strong sound, the young singer-songwriter has emerged with his debut single called ‘Back In This Place’.

A bonafide earworm, the track showcases massive potential – opening in understated fashion before unfurling into a brilliantly infectious alt-pop bop. With lyrics imbued with melancholy and personal reflection, his soft-spoken vocals are set against a backdrop of slick upbeat pop with pulsating beats and rippling synth melodies – and it makes for an intoxicating mix. Channelling that kind of sad-pop sound that has always proved so infectious, it’s an accomplished debut that indicates a bright future ahead.

Bringing in the experienced duo of Johnny Madden and Jamie Holmes on songwriting and production duties, as well as Citizien Papes, the future of Scottish pop could very well be in good hands.

Tune in below.