AN ambitious young group that seem predestined to be standing tall by time this upcoming festival season is over, The Shimmer Band possess a rare trait of producing songs that are instantly memorable yet their appeal doesn’t diminish after repeated listens.

Aligning massive stadium conquering hooks with a sound that is uncompromising and resolutely of their own devising, the band have sought to build on the momentum of their recent UK tour with new single ‘What Is Mine?’

A track that is billowing with self-belief and exudes that rock ‘n’ roll swagger that many strive for but few ever attain, their latest offering is a heady mix of intergalactic synths and guitar-based bravado that is sure to strike a chord with those seeking something which uproots from mundane, half-baked offerings and heads into another realm.

Check out the new single and their recent TTV session below: