shirleysaid_press_960THE BAND: A much hyped proposition hailing from Italy, Shirley Said have found themselves on the receiving end of praise from both fans and a number of media outlets. Comprised of Giulia Scarantino and Simone Bozzato, the band have exhibited their unique and striking sound upon ‘Salvation’; the second track to be taken from their upcoming double a-side single.

THE SOUND: Possessing an ethereal introduction that brims with shimmering synths and a passive bassline, ‘Salvation’ sees the band embrace their psychedelic influences to great effect. Featuring instrumentation reminiscent of Pink Floyd during their heralded Piper At The Gates Of Dawn period, it is driven by intricate guitar work and the captivating vocals of Scarantino. A daring fusion of everything from electro pop to alt rock and ambient music, it will be intriguing to see how their sound progresses as they continue to hone their craft.

THE VIDEO: Featuring grainy, meandering footage of all manner of naturally occurring phenomena, the swirling camera work correlates perfectly with its trippy soundtrack.

THE LOWDOWN: ‘Salvation’ is available from today alongside ‘Merry-Go-Round’ on a double a-side single, whilst those looking to catch the band live can do so on the 26th March 2015 at their single launch held in London’s The Finsbury.