FOR the last few months, Silverbacks have been rolling out songs from their upcoming album ‘Archive Material’ – out next week on 21st January.

The final preview has arrived and it’s called ‘A Job Worth Something’ – a reflective yet pointed post-punk jam that considers the roles that matter most in our society.

Classic Silverbacks, it’s a wiry, angular number with driving rhythms and hooks aplenty.

Speaking about the personal theme of the song, the band’s Daniel O’Kelly says “For most of the pandemic I lived with my sister who is a healthcare worker and was working in the designated Covid hospital in St James’ Dublin. Unfortunately, I was far less heroic, writing copy for a car insurance company. This song is about feeling embarrassed about how different our lives were at this time. When it comes to telling my grandchildren what all this was like, I’ll be telling them about my sisters who have more important stories to share.”

Listen below.