NORWEGIAN singer-songwriter Siv Jakobsen has shared a new single ‘Tangerine’, the latest insight into her upcoming third album ‘Gardening’ – out on January 2023.

The singer-songwriter made her Tenement Trail debut earlier this month, holding St Luke’s to a standstill with her emotionally intimate songs and serene arrangements. This latest offering highlights her sharp way with words yet again, dipping in to the surreal as she explores feelings of helplessness and worthlessness from the perspective of someone else.

““I imagine this person trapped in a house, needing help and not being able to ask, then locking eyes with a neighbour and silently asking for help they’ll never get,” Jakobsen says.

Vivid lyrical images unfold over hushed guitars, soft electronics and synths, she adds: “I imagined someone who was held against their own will inside a run of the mill suburban house, looking out from the front room and willing for someone to come let them out. This someone is mentally stuck, a deer in headlights, scared and frozen. Not wanting to stay but unable to leave – worthless in another’s world, like a carefully peeled, squashed and tossed tangerine.”

Speaking about the new album ‘Gardening’, an album which came together after a period of deep introspection, she says: “This record is me doing an intense amount of emotional gardening,” she says. “I was just raking through my mind and pulling stuff out, and then it grew back again, so I pulled it out again, whilst in real life I was tending to my modest but lovely garden in my home in Oslo.”

Elaborating further, she says: Gardening tackles a particular relationship from my past, and its effect on me in the past, present and future. I found great pleasure and comfort in the physical task of gardening, weeding and tending to my patio of flowers and edible plants, and their colours and metaphors seeped into my writing. It is a record I am immensely proud of, and one that I hope can make others who have been through similar things feel seen and less alone”.

Check it out below.

Photo credit: Jørgen Nordby