Slaves perform at the O2 ABCIT’S safe to say that the career of Tunbridge Wells based punk outfit Slaves has been an absolute whirlwind, taking them and their merciless output from dingy clubs to festival main stages in little more than two years.

In keeping with their revolutionary manifesto and hardline stance against any sort of apathetic behaviour, the band have wasted little time in following up their lauded debut with brand new track ‘Spit It Out.’

Now this is a track that sounds like the band that Slaves have always threatened to become, not only utilising the blistering formula of their Are You Satisfied? but improving upon it with even more aggression and vigour. Featuring one of the most chaos-inducing choruses that they ever produced and riffs which contain Bad Brains levels of intensity, it continues to paint Slaves as a welcome change of pace from the drab and mundane.

Speaking in reference to their hastiness in releasing new music, guitarist Laurie Vincent has said that they felt no need to hide away:

“We just felt like we had the material and we were writing really quickly, so were like, let’s just do it. People asked if we wanted to take a break, but we said no.”

The band will release their new album ‘Take Control’ on 30th September 2016. Check out the new video below: