Sleaford-Mods-770ON track for what many must see as the most unexpected entry to the charts this year, the ever perturbed Sleaford Mods have turned in what many are calling one of the most vital albums of the year in Key Markets.

Taking aim at the many injustices and corruptions of 21st Century Britain, it sees Sleaford Mods on the warpath like never before and sounding like a band that are primed to permeate through into the mainstream without compromising their sound whatsoever.

Seemingly in a celebratory mood, they’ve released album opener ‘Live Tonight’ via their soundcloud.

Setting out with a rousing and fervent chant of the band’s moniker which works to epitomise how passionately many fans feel about this outlandish and outspoken duo, the Gang of Four style eruption of bass and drums that are the musical focal point of ‘Live Tonightsoon burst into life. Lyricist Jason Williamson’s harsh critiques of modern day life shine from the very first utterance, philosophising about things as mundane as ‘public walkways’ and ‘the pub next to church’ in the most animated way that any human possibly could.

It’s chant-along chorus appears to allude to the never ending slog of touring that the band is now all too familiar with, proclaiming that they’re “live tonight, every night” as though it were the key ethos behind the band’s output.

Key Markets is available now via Harbinger Sound. Listen to ‘Live Tonight’ below: