FRESH from a blinding set at Tenement Trail 2018, Glasgow punk powerhouse SNASH are back with a band with their latest single, ‘Drag You Down’.

Despite only forming in 2017, and being a relatively young band within Glasgow’s bustling punk scene, SNASH have enjoyed an almost unrivalled level of acclaim for their thrashy, loud tunes and riotous shows. Their latest single is no exception to this all-encompassing ferocity.

Clocking in at just over 2 minutes, the track takes listeners on a frantic, rapid ride of fuzzy guitars and pounding drums. The dark riff that rolls under the entire track is a testament to guitar-driven indie punk sound that is so familiar to everyone, with all the trimmings of shouting vocals and rallying choruses.

The rallying element of this track is something that SNASH have become known for, throwing audiences into a shared experience of punk perfection: sweat, limbs and singers enjoying rooms shouting their own words back at them. The lyrics in this track are far more clever than what people often associate with punk music, however they are not used to mask any hidden meaning, “I get my kicks out of saying what the fuck I like” being a perfect example. The content of the choruses are the perfect marriage of instrumentation and songwriting sensibility, as guitars riffs descend over the the lines of ‘dragging you down’, the track begins to pain an image for the listener.

A triumphant expression of destructive angst and pure punk attitude.