MEET SOAPBOX: a new Glasgow punk band set to make their mark on the Scottish music scene.

Formed in the spring of 2022, the four-piece spent precious time honing in on their sound and creating a batch of material that represented them as a band before unleashing themselves on the unknowing public. Since then, they’ve built a small but loyal following, thanks to riotous gigs at King Tuts, Hug and Pint, Flying Duck and The Priory to name a few.

Following the path well-tread by those revered before them, the potential for a very bright future ahead is there for all to see – particularly when you listen to their debut single ‘Value Added Glasgow’. Described as a ‘bi-product¬†of living in and
experiencing Glasgow’, it’s a social commentary on the current state of living – when chasing hedonistic nights on the town seems like the only way to escape the mundanities of everyday reality. It’s gritty, high energy and full of sardonic wit, with just the right amount of chaos.

Check it out below.