LIVERPOOL outfit SPINN have shared ‘People Should Know Better’ – the new single taken from their forthcoming second album ‘Outside of the Blue’.

The new album sees the band dig deeper than ever before as they reflect on their own experience with mental health, anxiety, love, disillusionment with the government and more, while doubling down on their earworm hooks and shimmering guitar melodies.

‘People Should Know Better’ is packed with them, pairing their punchy, festival-ready choruses with fiery lyrics.

Fontman Johnny Quinn says the track is “a critique of the UK government and how they’ve handled the country in the last couple years; people are becoming racist, the government is incompetent and now people are dying.”

He continues: “People keep voting in fucking shite things like the Tories, Brexit, the Tories again, and I’m sick of it, so, I thought I’d write about that frustration and the moral decline of Britain and its so-called ‘values’.”

‘People Should Know Better’ is take from ‘Outside Of The Blue’, set for release on 4th February via Modern Sky.

Photo credit: Barnaby Fairley