A BAND who are starting to build some serious hype all over the UK and beyond, Squid are one of the latest additions to this year’s TENEMENT TRAIL lineup.

Known for their frenetic live shows and oddball creations that sit somewhere between angular disco punk and expansive new wave, the band have shared the first excerpt of their upcoming EP ‘Town Centre’.

‘The Cleaner’ is a key point of the band’s live set and is a natural progression from the tracks which came before it ‘The Dial’ and ‘Houseplants’. However this time Squid have gone big, bordering on epic. Just when you think they have settled themselves into a groove and aligned themselves to a sound, they unleash this seven minute sprawler which twists and turns from post-punk to funk with nods to Talking Heads, Television and more. It’s organised chaos with a massively funky beat and singing drummer Ollie Judge rides the wave with his insistent distinctive bark.

Undoubtedly their most ambitious cut to date, check out ‘The Cleaner’ below.