EMERGING from Glasgow’s East End, Stepping on Violets are a two-piece act who deal in dark and brooding electronica.

Produced by Neal McHarg (Autobahn 86/Crash Club), the duo have shared a compelling new track called ‘Stepping On Violets’. An intriguing introduction for those not yet aware of the group, there’s a menacing atmosphere that emanates from the track as they switch between minimalist, contemplative verses and more upbeat, catchy female-led choruses.

A hypnotic and propulsive track lures you in with its repetitive hooks, it may inspiration from local acts like Autobahn and VLURE but it exists in its own dark and menacing realm.

The pair began making music in lockdown and their songwriting partnership continues to go from strength to strength. They are also working with the Creative Kilwinning project – a local community programme designed to help young people develop their skills for the creative industries.

Listen below.

Photo by Red Rose