stone roses beautiful thing

DESPITE the questionable artwork, The Stone Roses new song is a bit of a peach. After the somewhat disappointing ‘All For One’, the new tune sees the foursome return to their signature territory, owning the distorted intro and understated percussion of the intro. It sees John Squire’s famed guitar playing really lift the tune into the clouds and Ian Brown’s vocals are pretty bang on the money throughout.

This song will slot perfectly into a set of classics; at just over seven minutes long, the real gold dust comes in the last minute with a guitar riff that makes us all remember why Squire simply is, the greatest. It really is time to get excited for this album. You’ve got the t-shirt, the vinyl, the ticket for their shows in the next few weeks (T in the Park anyone?) and now you’ve got new music from one of the most important British bands of the last three decades to jam about. When life gives you lemons….

Check it out via Spotify here or listen below: