SUNSTINGER are the purveyors of luminous, ethereal soundscapes that channel shoegaze and indie heroes of yesteryear.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Ride, My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, the band continue to go from strength to strength with each release – and this latest is no different.

The band’s new single ‘Dead For You’ is an emotive slow burner that bridges the gap between their debut EP ‘Beyond The Frame’ and their upcoming second EP ‘Sink’. A reflection on everyday life and the struggles it entails, the melancholic lyrics are delivered against a swelling backdrop of distorted guitars and strong rhythms. With that kind of heart-rending quality that many shoegaze bands have perfected over the years, it’s a track that soars with emotion and musicality.

Arriving with b-side ‘Feel The Sun’, check out the new releases below.