FOR those who frequented TENEMENT TRAIL in 2017 and 2018, the name SWAY will probably a memorable one.

The four-piece band from Paisley and Johnstone made an indelible impact on the Scottish music scene in their heyday – storming venues like Nice N Sleazy, Broadcast, The Priory and The Bungalow with one frenzied gig after another, while their sharp and astute songwriting set them apart from many of their contemporaries of the era.

Crafting an innately catchy hybrid of indie rock and pop that was accented with tinges of dream-pop and shoegaze, their music was as instantly infectious as it was heartfelt and poignant at times Рoscillating from the  luscious and heartrending sounds of Nowhere-era Ride, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine to emphatic fuzz-tinged anthems that added a thrilling exuberance to their catalogue.

We were therefore delighted to hear the band were unveiling a self-titled compilation of all their early singles this week – now available on all streaming platforms. A trip down memory lane for all those who frequented those gigs half a decade ago, the collection comes with an inevitable wave of nostalgia – but it’s also a reminder of the undeniable musical chemistry that existed on those early recordings. It’s all there – from the euphoric and touching ballad ‘Haven’ to the catchy ‘Planet Earth’, complete with swirling dissonance and irrepressible choruses, to the brilliant ‘Give You It All’.

Check it out below.