EDINBURGH fast-risers swim school have treated us to another glimpse of their upcoming EP ‘Duality’, due for release on 25th May.

The band have had a busy year already, supporting the likes of Pixies, and are all set to head to The Great Escape next month.

Released via LAB Records, new single ‘Don’t Leave Me Behind’ is a far cry from the heavy guitars and rage we heard on their last offering ‘Delirious’ – instead going down a hazy nostalgic route with floaty synths and a heartfelt, emotive vocal.

Alice said “‘Don’t Leave Me Behind’ is the emotion you feel when you meet someone you have a genuine connection with, but don’t quite know where you stand with them. You think they feel the same as you, but you aren’t sure and your mind can’t stop thinking about them.”

“We wanted to write our own version of those cheesy, early 90’s love songs. The harsh guitar tones and soft lyrics resemble the strong ups and downs you experience in that unknown place.”

Speaking about the upcoming EP, she added: “I saw the quote “Duality is a situation in which two opposite feelings exist at the same time” and that described the EP perfectly,” notes Alice. “There are 4 tracks on the EP: two love songs and two angry songs. The songs are based on experiences that I have gone through at a certain point in my life. The fact that you can feel contrasting feelings at the same time can be confusing and take a toll on you mentally, but I find that writing is the best way to cope with it. “

Check out the new song below.

Photo by Rory Barnes