CurrentsTAME Impala teased ‘Cause I’m a Man’ early last month when Kevin Parker confirmed that the bands third album, Currents, would be due for release later on this year. The track was extoled as a woozy, psychedelic number, with Parker’s featherlight falsetto elevating it to a strange, dream-like plane that sort of felt like a comedown from the maximalist excesses of Lonerism.

Now the band has shared the official video which plays along like a blazed-out aid. Strange besuited men shape shift in an arena which looks a bit like a funky, retro-age world of Portal. The video was created by the LA based director, Weirdcore, who described it as an homage to Hipgnosis (who’s works you might recognise here and here), while adding: “Tame Impala’s new artwork was a great inspiration for the vibe of it. I happily threw in as many artwork cameos as I could from that. Technically the constant moving camera was an ideal way to show near non-moving scenarios, long takes and minimal editing is something I’m always into doing. This is the first 3D video I’ve made where none of the 3D was modelled for it. All assets were either bought/found/acquired/customised from various sources, so it’s a bit like a 3D collage.”

Watch the video below: