there any band that’s as universally lauded and adored in the 21st century than Australia’s Tame Impala?

Led by the unparalleled creativity of mastermind Kevin Parker, their three full length albums have been often imitated but very rarely replicated in terms of magnificence by their contemporaries and acts that have been profoundly inspired by the group’s signature style.

Having once again demonstrated how essential they are with the spellbinding and oddly funky Currents, the band have released a new video for ‘The Less I Know The Better’ that is a rather confounding watch.

The track itself is one of the more urgent and straightforward tracks to have made its way into our ears from the band, boasting one of the funkiest riffs this side of the respective catalogues of Nile Rodgers and George Clinton. Funnily enough,  despite both bands totally subverting from their staple psychedelic sound, it is here where Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra navigate common ground once again; with this track causing an accidental comparison to much of UMO’s  recent album Multi Love. 

The track’s accompanying visuals must be seen to be full comprehended. What starts out as a classic case of teenage lust soon gives way to a mind-warping odyssey filled with gorillas, set design that Stanley Kubrick would be envious of and a series of bizarre (and often NSFW) occurrences that will leave you hovering over the replay button.

Watch the new video via Tame Impala’s official website