amazing snakeheads cant let you go

The band: The Amazing Snakeheads are signed to Domino and are a Glasgow band with a big sound making a big dent in the scene. Their debut record Amphetamine Ballads  was released earlier this year and they’ve pretty much blown-up since, reaping glorious reviews for their gritty sound and hypnotic live performances.

The sound: This is a new track, leaving the debut behind and when released later on this year will be dropped alongside two new tracks ‘The Virgin Mary’ and ‘Jesus Freaks 2’. Featuring frontman Dale Barclay’s distinctive Glasgow twang, this track is complete with Snakeheads signature eerie beats, striking guitar riffs that fill the air with anticipation forcing you to an almost uncomfortable edge.

The lowdown: The track will be released on 1st December 2014. The artwork that accompanies this release features Barclay solo, topless, wearing black marygolds and black eyeliner. It’s as dramatic and dark as this wonderfully-viscous track.