DESPITE¬†the fact that they’d placed themselves on a self-imposed hiatus for the better part of 4 years, 2015 saw The Chemical Brothers return to the fray with authority.

Proving their inarguable vitality with the tremendous Born In The Echoes, it saw them add a plethora of invigorating new material to their already bulging repertoire.

Teaming up with previous collaborators Dom&Nic, the iconic duo have revealed the visuals for the Beck assisted ‘Wide Open’.

A relatively staid number in comparison to the more bombastic aspects of their recent LP, ‘Wide Open’ is defined by ambient texture, enticing percussive work and an emotive vocal take from the track’s revered guest star.

Its accompanying visuals center around a young woman who dances in a truly compelling fashion against otherwise non-descript locale.

Transcending what is known as the traditional human form, her body alters and mutates at will as she continues to move with unbridled fluidity and poise.

Check out the brand new video below: