FOLLOWING in the footsteps of ‘Silver Velvet’ and ‘Tour’, Vancouver trio The Courtneys have unveiled another preview of their upcoming album with the release of a scuzzy rocker called ‘Minnesota’.

The track sees the band explore their power pop sensibilities once again through a fuzz-laden garage rock filter; boppy rhythms, crunching guitars and catchy melodies all coming together over an effortlessly cool, nineties-inspired sound. Evoking a deep sense of longing, the lyrics are as heartfelt as ever over the soaring pop hooks; “If you go away, I hope that you will know/ That I’ll miss you so,” sings lead vocalist Jen Twynn Payn.

Currently on a winning streak of form that has seen them produce one brilliant single after another, it is no wonder that The Courtneys have started to gather a significant cult following. Their second eponymous album comes out next week on 17th February.

Check out the track below: