THE JOY HOTEL are back with the release of another stunning track in ‘Killing Time’.

A band who are on a seemingly unstoppable run of form, ‘Killing Time’ follows ‘Old Man’s Eyes’ and ‘Jeremiah’ – and further cements them as one of the nation’s most exciting new acts.

And if their initial output is anything to go by, they’re not intent on staying in the one lane. No track has been the same yet. While ‘Jeremiah’ was grand, soulful and cinematic, it’s follow-up ‘Old Man’s Eyes’ unleashed the band’s fun side – carried by an unwavering optimism and poppy melodies.

Now ‘Killing Time’ shows their variety and nuance once more – that love of vintage pop, vocal groups and wonderfully layered arrangements is still present and correct. This time though, they open in more restrained fashion, oscillating between considered, pared back verses and grandiose choruses.

‘I can’t keep killing time until time kills me’ Emme Woods sings, before Iona Lee delivers a stirring piece of spoken word. There’s a gripping sense of urgency as the track nears its finale, as the band wield an emphatic, psych breakdown. It’s another triumph.