‘EVERYTHING Will Be Fine’ is the message from The Ninth Wave as they round off a truly remarkable year in a blaze of euphoria. Just when you think you’ve pinned the Glasgow four-piece down, they come back and surpass expectation once again – this time to deliver a raw, undiluted message of hope that aims straight for the heart and doesn’t miss.

‘Everything Will Be Fine’ takes the very best parts of their recent ‘Happy Days!’ EP and their SAY/AIM nominated album ‘Infancy’ and brings them together in one big cathartic blow-out. With raw, intimate emotion at its core, Haydn Park-Patterson aches and yearns over a towering instrumental; Millie Kidd’s soft vocals the perfect complement to his raw vulnerability over looming electronics, driving rhythms and shimmering synths. Building to an almighty goosebump-inducing climax, it’s an  absolute triumph of a track that and a gloriously euphoric way to end the year.

It’s a song about twisted optimism, self-reassurance and hope,” singer Haydn Park-Patterson explains. “The overall message of the song seems fitting for the world that we’ve found ourselves in now. Like many of our songs, it has existed in various different incarnations. I wrote the first version of it in the summer of last year and it was originally intended to be a song for someone else’s comfort and reassurance. It was shelved until earlier this year, when I stripped it down and kept only the name of the song. It then became the twisted optimistic song that it is now after it was brought in, stripped down and rebuilt by us in the studio. It’s the happiest sounding song we’ve recorded.”

It’s also accompanied by a 10-minute long “Driving Version”, which the band say “was intended to be listened to when you’re driving alone in your car, imagining yourself in that sad but sweet scene in a movie when you’re the heartbroken but hopeful character driving off into the sunset to find yourself.”