JUST when you thought they couldn’t exceed expectations any more, The Ninth Wave have hurtled back into the limelight with the emphatic ‘Maybe You Didn’t Know’.

Peppered with new ideas, the song began an ambitious, multi-layered instrumental before Haydn and Millie’s back and forth vocals transformed it into the spine-tingling anthem it is today. Everything about it is huge – soaring harmonium, glitching electronics and dynamic rhythm sections lead into towering, euphoric choruses as they take yet another big step up.

Haydn Park-Patterson says ““The song is about finding comfort in the uncomfortable and being able to hide yourself behind an overbearing and engulfing undefined fear. The first verse of the song comes from daydreaming. I was out walking on a day that the rain that had been unrelenting until it briefly subsided and made it possible to get out and go for a wander. I was staring at a burn that was flowing much more forcefully than it usually would. The frantic and panicked movement of the water reminded me of a time that I was in the middle of a fox-hunting-sabotage. The fox was darting across the field just beyond where I was standing and the blood thirsty hounds were bolting fast right behind it. The water reminded me of this fox and the panic with which it ran. Standing in the middle of the road with my eyes and thoughts lost in the babble of the water, I couldn’t help but feel an affinity with the fox as I imagined the burn bursting its banks and the water gushing out and striking me up off of the ground. The feeling of fear and contentment about this situation were in equilibrium.”

The song arrives with a dazzling new video by Rianne White, they describe it as “a surreal, yet cohesive Tokyo Drift dream.”

Check it out below.

Photo by Neelam Khan Vela