raveoneDANISH duo The Raveonettes have revealed a new track called ‘A Good Fight’; the latest offering from their ‘Rave-Sound-of-the-Month’ playlist.

Unwilling to be bound by convention, the band are creating what they call the ‘anti-album’ over 12 months, releasing a new track on the last Friday of every month this year until December. The collection will then later be released as a full album following a campaign with Pledge Music.

The disjointed nature of the project has thrown up refreshing results throughout the year, with August’s instalment coming in the shape of ‘A Good Fight’. Switching from driving rhythms and distorted guitars to a blissful piano progression, the duo have a brilliant way of toying with the track’s tempo from start to finish.

Describing it, Sune Rose Wagner said: “The song basically portrays a dysfunctional relationship and what that could entail. Various scenarios of what could have been great gone wrong.”

The track’s release is accompanied by a lyric video, with its backing visuals reflecting the dark, fuzzy energy of the song.