AT TTV, we strive to bring you the most exciting new music coming out of the UK and beyond. Through our TTV RADAR feature, we’ve left no stone unturned in our quest to deliver you the best new tunes – and this week, we’re excited to share our new ‘RADAR TRACK OF THE WEEK’ feature.

Throughout the month, we’ll be spotlighting certain tracks that have got us buzzing – and we think you’ll be buzzing about too.

This week, we kick off with none other than West Lothian heroes The Snuts. The band’s unassailable rise continues with the release of ‘Burn The Empire’ – their first piece of new music since their acclaimed, chart-topping debut album ‘W.L’ came out earlier this year.

A powerful statement of intent, ‘Burn The Empire’ is a straight-up protest song – a raw, furious, call to arms for change that pairs rattling guitars with fist-pumping choruses.

“I wanted the word ‘empire’ to feel open, almost rhetorical to what constitutes or qualifies as an oppressive factor in your life, because it certainly exists for 99% of people. We were driven to standup against the negative effects of big corporations on the everyday person. We all understand that these companies act ruthlessly and unethically in the name of profit.” Lead singer Jack Cochrane said of the track. “I think young people have always wanted a fairer and more equal society and it’s the voices of the old, the discontent and the ignorant that try and squash that. We believe in 2022 there is no place for fascism or oppression of any kind and we must burn the empire that represents it.”

Listen below.

Photo by Jacob A Campbell