v-for-vaselinesThe Vaselines have announced that they will be releasing a new album through Rosary Music on the 29th September, titled V for Vaselines.

They have also released the debut single from the album ‘One Lost Year’ (listen below), which is one of the ten tracks on the new album. The album came about after Eugene Kelly stumbled upon a Ramones covers band in Glasgow, which gave him the inspiration:
“After that, I just wanted to write some really short punk rock songs, just get into people’s ear really straight away, and then get out of there really quickly.”

V for Vaselines is the bands third album, with their debut Dum Dum coming out in 1989 on Scottish label 53rd & 3rd.

The band split up shortly after the release of that album but found fame and a new following when Nirvana covered three of the bands tracks, and heaped lofty praise on the group.

V for Vaselines was self-produced and recorded at Mogwai’s Castle of Doom studio, and features appearances from Frank MacDonald (Teenage Fanclub) and Stevie Jackson (Belle & Sebastian) amongst others.


1.   High Tide Low Tide

2.   The Lonely L.P.

3.   Inky Lies

4.   Crazy Lady

5.   Single Spies

6.   One Lost Year

7.   Earth Is Speeding

8.   False Heaven

9.   Number One Crush

10. Last Half Hour