wytches-thunder-lizards-reprieve-scion-avCAPTURING the imagination of many who had the pleasure of either taking in a live show or becoming exposed to their deeply original recorded material, The Wytches are a band who inhabit a territory which is resolutely of their own device.

Teasing their fans with the prospect of another full blown release for a while, they’ve instead revealed ‘Thunder Lizard’s Reprieve’ a four track EP of brooding psychedelia that is among their most explosive releases to date.

Dark, mysterious and entrancing, the EP begins with ‘Gettin’ Lucky’, a track which sounds borderline apocalyptic thanks to its thunderous, plodding drums and disjointed tangents of guitar. The Bolan-esque brogue of frontman Kristian Bell only adds to the otherworldly quality, sounding as though he’s broadcasting from a dire, dystopian future.

Authoritative and unblinking, ‘DADFAC#’ contorts their sound and shepherds it toward an unpredictable zone that isn’t a million miles away from bands such as Bad Brains, The Germs and Agent Orange during its entirely thrilling conclusion.

Acting as a stark and jarring paradox to the track which preceded it, the Brighton based band proffer ‘If Not For Money’, a vulnerable ditty which sees them hone in on a sound reminiscent of that which John Cale has produced on much of his finest work; bringing a fleeting sense of uneasiness and disquiet among the tenderness.

Careering towards insanity once again, ‘Wasteybois’ is a scuzzy slice of punk rock which affords the audience little in the way of respite from its compressed energy.

Not only is this EP another feather in The Wytches’ well decorated cap, it’s also available for free via Scion AV.

Listen to the EP in full below: