PURVEYORS of some of the most decadent and veracious rock ‘n’ roll this side of Joshua Tree, California, Tijuana Bibles continue to forge ahead with their emboldened new sound as 2018 draws ever closer.

Reaping the rich creative harvest that was sown within the demented post-punk of ‘Pariah’, the band have continued to retool and prod at the perceived horizons of their sound with tremendous efficacy on new single ‘Catacomb.’

Setting out with cavernously deep grooves that provide frontman Tony Costello with ample room to wrestle with the self-destructive tendencies of love and lust when they become intertwined the track’s transition into a disconcerting realm of unrelenting guitars and frenzied vocals mirrors the maniacal nature of this mysterious force that we all fall foul of at its most chaotic. Racing towards a bewildering and utterly thrilling crescendo that shares more DNA with the post-hardcore stylings of At The Drive-In or Million Dead than any of the influences that permeated into their earlier work, it is becoming clear that Tijuana Bibles are crafting their very own creative milleu that has no boundaries or rules to adhere to and it is a true joy to behold.

Released a week before the band will take to the stage for one of their biggest headline shows to date at Glasgow’s Saint Luke’s & The Winged Ox alongside The Dunts and Voodoos, tickets are available now via Gigs In Scotland. 

Check out the new lyric video below: