NEW MUSIC has arrived this week from Lucia & The Best Boys, Ailbhe Reddy, Shame, The Roly Mo and more. Check out our top tracks from the past seven days below.

Lucia & The Best Boys ‘Perfectly Untrue’ 

With a new EP ‘The State Of Things’ slated for release on October 9th, Lucia & the Best Boys have returned with a passionate new slice of alt-pop called ‘Perfectly Untrue’. Recorded in LA around the same time as ‘Let Go’, the track is a compelling follow-up that may seem more upbeat on the surface but actually finds the singer in a similar state of emotional turmoil. It’s a bold and honest depiction of heartbreak; a moving portrayal of the singer’s mixed feelings that’s mirrored in the contrast between the shiny, upbeat instrumental and sharp lyrical wordplay – “I’m all dressed up in gold, my heart is black and blue” she sings on the instantly addictive chorus. It’s also another sign that the trio are shifting away from the gritty, rockier approach of their previous material in favour of a more widescreen, atmospheric alt-pop s0und on this upcoming EP.

Lucia said “Perfectly Untrue was written a couple of weeks after I wrote ‘Let Go’. This recording is in its original form, which Chris Greatti and myself powered on an all nighter till 4am, as I was leaving LA the next day. It’s funny to listen to them both back to back as it shows the many mixed emotions I was going through during heart-break, feeling strong and capable one minute, then distraught and confused the next. The only way through seemed to be to pretend that everything was fine or perfect whereas in reality it was Perfectly Untrue. I can definitely say now looking back that this is the worst solution ever, but also I know that it is just a coping mechanism that people use as escapism. When you are in a weird or dark headspace you see many versions of yourself that you didn’t even know existed. Perfectly Untrue’s “Happy Go Lucky” sound portrays the fake joy I pushed myself to feel in order to avoid the sad truth, which is displayed in the lyrics that are also coated in glitter and glamour – “dressed up in gold” and “dance until I die”.

Cara Rose ‘Ain’t No Use’

Cara Rose has continued her incredible strike rate with the release of ‘Ain’t No Use’. Backed by a rich, soulful arrangement, the track is a gorgeous moment of self-affirmation with gospel-esque harmonies, handclaps and warm piano lines all surrounding her incredibly distinctive vocals as she delivers the track’s uplifting mantra. The track marks the announcement of her new EP ‘Urges’, coming out on 2nd October.

Ailbhe Reddy ‘Looking Happy’ 

With her debut album due for release on 2nd October, Dubliner Ailbhe Reddy has unveiled a new sad banger called ‘Looking Happy’. Drawing from the autobiographical experience of navigating a break-up in the age of social media, Reddy demonstrates her astute songwriting skills again with her crystal clear vocals and wistful lyrics delivered alongside punchy, energetic guitars and sumptuous melodies.

MICHELLE ‘SUNRISE (feat. Arlo Parks)’

Fast-rising NYC group MICHELLE have shared a reworked version of their track ‘Sunrise’ featuring the the brilliant Arlo Parks. Known for seamlessly weaving together R&B-inflected pop, sleek synths, plush harmonies, and buoyant grooves, ‘Sunrise’ initially came out in July and marked MICHELLE’s first release on Trangressive. A vibrant, groovy slice of summer, it has now been augmented with the addition of Arlo Parks’ soothing vocals and poetic lyricism.

Shame ‘Alphabet’

Shame have been teasing new music for what feels like quite some time and now it’s finally arrived with the release of ‘Alphabet’. Marking their first release since their 2018 debut album ‘Songs Of Praise’, the track is a surging piece of punk that finds them in a confrontational mood, directly challenging the listener and themselves on what it takes to reach satisfaction. Produced by James Ford, there’s something discomforting about the lurching guitars, purring basslines and Charlie Steen’s hollering vocals. With an earworm of a chorus that gradually sneaks up on you, it’s the kind of frenzied chaos we’ve been waiting on.

Charlie Steen said “‘Alphabet’ is a direct question, to the audience and the performer, on whether any of this will ever be enough to reach satisfaction.

“At the time of writing it, I was experiencing a series of surreal dreams where a manic subconscious was bleeding out of me and seeping into the lyrics. All the unsettling and distressing imagery I faced in my sleep have taken on their own form in the video.”

The Roly Mo ‘TRM’ 

In little over a year, The Roly Mo have jumped from fresh indie upstarts to the purveyors of formidable, intoxicatingly confident rock & roll, brimming with tenacity and a vehement desire to separate themselves from the ever-growing pack. Originally forming at T in the Park in 2016, the band’s debut EP ‘TRM’ has been a long time in the making; a product of months honing their sound in rehearsal rooms before eventually being brought to life at Glasgow’s infamous 7 West Studios. Featuring six tracks, three of which have been previously released as singles and three of which are brand new, the EP is undoubtedly their biggest statement to date; one that offers a gritty yet romantic depiction of life in Glasgow via heavy riffs, big singalong choruses and lyrical narratives that shift between the boldly fictional and brutally sincere. The adrenaline-inducing ‘She’s So Hot’ kicks things off in fast and furious fashion before we are treated to the swaggering ‘Diamond Doll’, classic emotive indie singalong ‘Count To Ten’ and the jagged fury of ‘Stuck In A Rut’. Featured on Radio 1 earlier this year, ‘I’ll Be Happy When You Die’ is perhaps still the band’s crowning jewel with its Arctic Monkeys-esque riffs, tight ryhthms and rapturous guitar solo before recent single ‘Control Yourself’ ties things up in heartfelt fashion. An EP that speaks of late nights and reckless abandon, you can’t help imagining these songs inciting chaos when they’re finally played live. Dripping with swagger and devilishly infectious hooks throughout, it not only rounds off a prolific year for the Glasgow outfit; it also offers an exciting glimpse of what’s to come from one of our TTV 2020 Vision artists.

Watch our session with one of the TTV 2020 Vision bands, The Roly Mo below:

Beabadoobee ‘Worth It

The latest single to emerge from Beabadoobee’s upcoming new album ‘Fake It Flowers’ has been the confessional ‘Worth It’. Following in the same vein ‘Care’ and ‘Sorry’, the new offerings finds her reworking old indie tropes through her own vision, combining world-weary lyrics with distorted guitars and big melody lines. It’s another indie-pop gem to add to her collection about ” teenage infidelity and the mistakes one can make when they’re tempted to do things” she says. “It’s a bit of a confession song but also an understanding that it’s a part of life”

The Staves ‘Trying’ 

After sliding back into our lives earlier this year with ‘Nazareth’, The Staves have unveiled a stunning new single called ‘Trying’. Drawing from the current dystopia we all find ourselves in, the track puts a spotlight on the sisters’ gorgeous harmonies, whispered over a bed of keys and orchestral swells. It’s another beautifully affecting track that digs deep into the soul with its sorrowful lyrics and search for optimism.

The band said “I wanted to write a song about the state of things in the world and how broken our ability to communicate with each other had become as a society, but it became impossible as I was writing to separate my personal life from the broader message. I was living in America away from my family in a relationship that was failing. The state of America (and in Britain for that matter) and the state of my relationship seemed to become one and the same. The song became far more about my own situation.”

“I feel like trying is what we spend most of our lives doing really. Just trying our best. Trying to be better, to make things work. This was definitely a time where I was nearly tried out…”

Janelle Monaé  ‘Turntables’ 

Known for her hugely successful acting career as much as she is for her music, Janelle Monáe has unveiled her first new song since 2018’s Grammy-nominated album ‘Dirty Computer’ and it’s for the soundtrack of a new film called ‘All In: The Fight for Democracy’. The movie, coming next week on Amazon, is a documentary about the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and her voting-rights crusade. ‘Turntables’ is therefore a very empowering cut, full of defiance and spirit with vin typically electrifying form as she half-raps over a loose, funky instrumental.

She said “We are changing things. The tables are turning. The rooster has come home to roost. So this song is capturing direction. And when you think about a record, when you think about a record spinning, when you think about the revolutions per minute, it’s all connected. And that is what this song means. This song doesn’t mean that I’m the leader, that I’m here to tell you what to do, how to fix things. I’m simply watching, examining and wanting to highlight all of the people who are on the front lines, fighting for our democracy, fighting against racial inequalities, fighting against white supremacy, fighting against systemic racism and systemic oppression. So this song is to keep us motivated. This song is to lift up and keep us galvanized when we’re fatigued. And this song is really for the people.”

Django Django ‘Spirals’ 

Scottish art-rock outfit Django Django are back with a mesmerising new single called ‘Spirals’. Opening in kaleidoscopic fashion with a swirl of synths that get faster and faster, the track soon settles into a groove with the familiar sound of Vincent Neff’s vocals. Another innovative track to add to their endless creative catalogue, it’s a welcome return from the band – one that builds and builds into an uplifting anthem of hope. While there’s no talk of a new album just yet,  an accompanying press release has described the synth-driven track as “an utterly compelling glimpse at what’s to come”.

Sylvan Esso ‘Frequency’ 

Sylvan Esso have shared the third single from their upcoming album ‘Free Love’, out on 25th September. Showcasing the more minimalist side of their folksy-electronic sound, the drum-less track is all dexterous synths and soft vocal harmonies.

Gorillaz ‘Strange Timez (feat Robert Smith)’ 

Gorillaz have been drip-feeding us new singles all year via their ‘Song Machine’ project which has featured a number of high-profile collaborations such as slowthai, Slaves, Schoolboy Q, Skepta and more. The latest arrived this week with Robert Smith of The Cure and it’s a deeply foreboding, bass-driven trippy number with Smith sounding particularly vital in his delivery.