WHILE the future of live music hangs dangerously in the balance, one of the few positives that can be taken from the last few months is that our artists have continued to push their creative boundaries and dig deep for songwriting inspiration. In fact it would be fair to say that 2020 has seen its fair share of new music with some of our favourite bands and musicians releasing their finest work to date. With that in mind, we’ve got a fresh batch of new tunes for you to enjoy in this week’s New Music Radar. Check out HYYTS, Shygirl, Easy Life, Arlo Parks and more.


Known for instilling emotional, deep-rooted narratives into their euphoric pop tunes, Glaswegian duo HYYTS strike gold once again on their new single ‘SOS’. The duo confront the stigma associated with mental health on the new track, diving into their vital message from the first beat before the track unfurls into one of their trademark soaring choruses. Brimming with 80s influences, the pair deliver their comforting message via buoyant and colourful synth-pop, lead singer Adam demonstrating his impressive range as the track climbs to greater heights with each chorus. Drawing from personal experience, it’s perhaps one of their most lyrically incisive offerings to date; a deeply moving expression of love and solidarity for those in need.

Discussing ‘SOS’, Sam saysit was written about a period of time we’d both simultaneously spent in quite a bad place”, while singer Adam says, it’s about being there for someone forever, whether it’s a friend, family member, partner or whoever. The idea that people, especially British people and especially men, try not to cry or show weakness which is f***ing lame so we tried to get across the feeling that showing vulnerability is a beautiful thing”.

Hannymoon ‘Call My Phone’ 

Born in Malawi before moving to Glasgow at the age of 16, Hannymoon is the project of rapper, songwriter and producer Hanny Hunghi. Hanny has made an indelible impact on the city’s burgeoning rap scene in recent years, collaborating with the likes of Shogun and Chlobocop and making appearances at Art School and King Tut’s. Having spent a considerable amount of time refining his craft and perfecting his skills behind the desk and on stage, the rapper is now preparing for his time in the spotlight with the release of his debut full-length. New track ‘Call My Phone’ gives us an idea of what to expect; it’s a psych-infused slice of bass rap which finds Hanny’s raw rapping style delivered against the juxtaposition of a smooth, dreamy flute and insistent trap beats. Bright, effervescent and nostalgic, doused with a touch of wistfulness, it’s an enticing introduction to his debut album. Check it out below.

SHEARS ‘When You’re Around’ EP

Following a string of impressive single releases such as ‘Ideas’ and ‘Circle Line’, Edinburgh-based artist SHEARS unveiled her debut EP last week titled ‘When You’re Around’. The collection consists of four tracks of crystalline alt-pop, rooted in SHEARS’ heartfelt lyricism that feels both deeply personal and universally relatable. With Glasgow-based producer Dunt at the helm, SHEARS’ songwriting emerges finely honed and self-assured; on the brand new title track her vocals glide over dark, edgy electronica which gradually builds and builds until it reaches a rousing, self-affirming crescendo. ‘Circle Line’ is a brooding meditation on living life in a loop while ‘Just Like You’ delivers a message of strength and defiance over stuttering beats and big pop choruses, rejecting the notion that women need to compete with each other in order to succeed. Final track ‘Ideas’ delves into the darkness once more with the singer demonstrating her impressive vocal range against a throb of menacing bass-heavy beats. It makes for a dynamic and darkly compelling listen as SHEARS gives us our most tantalising glimpse into her glistening world yet.

Dylan Fraser ‘The Storm’ 

Bathgate singer-songwriter Dylan Fraser first burst onto our radar with the release of his feverish, genre-defying debut single ‘Vipers’ back in August; a track brimming with potential and undeniable popstar ambition. A couple of single releases later and with a sizeable army of fans already behind him, Fraser has now unveiled his eagerly anticipated debut EP titled ‘The Storm’. It’s a massive statement of intent from the Scottish newcomer; one which seamlessly transcends genres, mixing elements of folk, electronic, R&B, rock and more while effortlessly shifting from the hauntingly beautiful to the infectiously propulsive. It touches down on some heavy lyrical content too, tackling societal issues such as mental health and delving into themes of introspection, determination and self-validation. Offering us a brief yet wholly enticing glimpse into his unique world, it’s a self-assured, fully-formed opening chapter from an artist who knows exactly where he wants to be. Recently signed to Atlantic Records, Dylan Fraser could well be the future of pop.

Redolent ‘Perspicuity’

After drifting into our consciousness with the transcendental ‘Aspartame’ last month, Edinburgh four-piece have returned with a dreamy new number called ‘Perspicuity’. More accessible than its predecessor, the track is lifted by its indie-pop guitar lines and raw, impassioned vocals, set to a backdrop of twinkly, ambient instrumentation. Climbing to new heights of euphoria as it nears the five and a half minute mark, it’s a track that feels intimate yet massive at the same time, making for a completely hypnotic and immersive listen.

Arlo Parks ‘Green Eyes’

This week, Arlo Parks announced that her debut album is on the way.. Slated for release on 29th January 2021, ‘Collapsed in Sunbeams’ will feature breakthrough songs such as ‘Black Dog’, ‘Eugene’ and ‘Hurts’ alongside this week’s single ‘Green Eyes’.

‘Green Eyes’ is a soft, dreamy number that sees Parks’ deliver her trademark gentle, soulful vocals over luxuriant, 90s-inspired grooves. Featuring backing vocals from Clairo, it’s a warm hug of a track; one that demonstrates Parks’ poetic abilities as she delves into her early, bittersweet romantic memories and her experience of discovering her own sexuality. “Some of these folks want to make you cry,” she sings. “But you gotta trust how you feel inside.”

The Magic Gang ‘Somebody Like You’ 

Barely two months has passed since The Magic Gang shared their second album ‘Death To The Party’ and the Brighton four-piece are back with an uplifting new song called ‘Somebody Like You’. While it’s not a major departure from the harmonic, effervescent indie-pop we’ve come to know and love from the quartet, it’s a landmark track for the band in that it’s their first self-produced release. With echoes of the Stones and sweet vocal harmonies thrown in the mix, it’s another fun, bright addition to their ever-growing catalogue.

Biig Piig ‘Oh No/Liahr’ 

We’re big fans of Biig Piig at TTV HQ, and this week she returned with not one, but two brand new tracks. Continuing to merge elements of drum’n’bass and sparse indie with her own laid-back style of delivery, ‘Oh No’ is perhaps the more subdued track of the two with its soft guitar melodies and gently whispered vocals. Written about hiding away in safe space when her anxieties take over, it’s a timely track that feels warm and intimate as Biig Piig divulges her innermost thoughts. Meanwhile ‘Liahr’ is about not trusting herself in relationships. Instead of dwelling on her thoughts though, this time she employs a propulsive drumbeat before reaching a subtle but hugely affecting moment of self-affirmation.

Easy Life ‘Daydreams’

Debuted on Radio 1 this week as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World, Easy Life have shared a new single called ‘Daydreams’. Known for their escapist outlook, ‘Daydreams’ pairs melancholic lyrics with a lush backdrop. “Like most of us,” comments the band’s Murray, “I’ve spent the whole year sat at home daydreaming about a possible alternate reality. Born out of boredom and idleness, ‘Daydreams’ is as much about getting drunk as it is about falling in and out of love.” It’s a dreamy and relatable bop that displays Easy Life’s abilities to tune into the minutiae of everyday life in a way that feels both intimate and universal.

Shygirl ‘SLIME’

Shygirl has announced plans for a new EP titled ‘ALIAS’, giving us a sneak preview with the release of ‘SLIME’. Co-produced by SOPHIE, Kai Whiston and Sega Bodega, the track follows the gloriously fun ‘FREAK’ from earlier this year, Shygirl’s relentless flow weaving in an out of laser-sharp synth stabs and a dark, throbbing beat; her delivery edgy and menacing over the effortlessly cool track.

Nilüfer Yanya  ‘Crash’

Following the release of her acclaimed debut album last year, Nilüfer Yanya has announced the release of a new EP titled ‘Feeling Lucky?’. The EP has also been previewed with an intriguing new single ‘Crash’, a self-assured piece of alt-pop that skilfully captures the overall anxiety of the current climate. Elevated by Nick Hakim’s bold, bass-heavy production, it’s a striking follow-up to ‘Miss Universe’.

Phoebe Green ‘Golden Girl’

Along with the announcement of her debut EP ‘I Can’t Cry For You’, rising singer-songwriter Phoebe Green has returned with a glittering slice of pop called ‘Golden Girl’. A track that touches down on loneliness and self-growth, it’s a smooth, slick number with singalong melodies and power-pop choruses. And while her own self-judgement forms the emotional crux of the song, it ultimately culminates in a rousing statement of self-acceptance.

Calum Jones ‘Two Months’ 

Hailing from the Highland village of Oran, Calum Jones is set to release his third album ‘MirrorGlass’ on 27th November. Having shared a new song a month throughout 2020, his latest release arrives in the shape of ‘Two Months’; a strident pop-rock number that pairs soaring stadium-rock anthemics with powerhouse vocals and emotional lyrics.

Check out the playlist below.