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Lizzie Reid ‘Been Thinking About You’ 

A stunning tribute to a friend, Lizzie Reid’s ‘Been Thinking About You’ builds from sparse rhythms and jazzy flourishes into a glorious crescendo of heavy drums and distorted guitar. Intimate and playful in equal measure, it’s another wonderful insight into her debut EP ‘Cubicle’, out on 10th February.

Alex Amor ‘Love Language’ EP 

After floating onto our radar with the lovely ‘The Part with Each Other’ last year, Glaswegian singer-songwriter Alex Amor has unveiled her debut EP ‘Love Language’. Documenting the progression of a relationship, touching on the complexities and heights of human relations, the restlessness of youth and more, the EP is a clear step forward, pairing Amor’s lyrical observations with a stylish pop production.

Dayglow ‘Close To You’ 

Dayglow is kicking off 2021 with a much-needed dose of 80s-infused pop magic. New track ‘Close To You’ channels more of the infectious energy and enthusiasm found on his debut album ‘Fuzzybrain’ and adds some nagging melancholy to the highly addictive mix. Calling back to the iconic whimsy of 80’s pop duets, check it out below.

Pale Waves ‘Easy’ 

‘Easy’ comes from Pale Waves’ soon-to-be-released second album ‘Who Am I?’. Following in the same vein as recent singles ‘Change’ and ‘She’s My Religion’, the candid and romantic is said to be about “how love can change your entire perspective on life itself”.

Black Country New Road ‘Track X’

Experimental alternative outfit Black Country, New Road have released only their fourth ever single ahead of the release of their debut album on February 5th. ‘Track X’ has all the hallmarks of a Black Country, New Road hit with layered, angular sounds that synthesise to create an exciting track, twinged in nostalgia and melancholy.

Mogwai ‘Ritchie Sacramento’

Scottish post-rock heavyweights Mogwai have this week dropped ‘Ritchie Sacramento’ as they approach the release of their landmark 10th studio album ‘As the Love Continues’. In typical Mogwai fashion, ‘Ritchie Sacramento’ builds to an awesome soundscape that is both emotionally charged and awe inspiring. ‘Ritchie Sacramento’ deviates from their norm however by featuring fairly conventional singing and vocal lines, making it in Stuart Braithwaites words ‘the only conventional pop song’ on their upcoming album.

Julien Baker ‘Hardline’

American singer-songwriter and multiinstrumentalist Julien Baker has released the heartfelt and captivating ‘Hardline’ this week. The song starts off with the hallmarks of a conventional pop song with Baker’s singing accompanied by a string ensemble, before the full extent of her songwriting mastery comes into play at around the two minute mark with a powerful climax.

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