ON this sunny Friday and 180th edition of New Music Radar, we bring you a myriad of new tunes from across the globe. Check out The Ninth Wave, CHVRCHES, Goodnight Louisa, Caroline Polachek, Clairo and more below.

The Ninth Wave ‘Maybe You Didn’t Know’

Just when you thought they couldn’t exceed expectations any more, The Ninth Wave have hurtled back into the limelight with the emphatic ‘Maybe You Didn’t Know’. Peppered with new ideas, the song began an ambitious, multi-layered instrumental before Haydn and Millie’s back and forth vocals transformed it into the spine-tingling anthem it is today. Everything about it is huge – soaring harmonium, glitching electronics and dynamic rhythm sections lead into towering, euphoric choruses.

CHVRCHES ‘Good Girls’ 

With their next album ‘Screen Violence’ arriving next month, CHVRCHES have unveiled a new sparkling pop gem called ‘Good Girls’. Beneath the bright, dance-pop instrumental though, lies a more serious message as Lauren Mayberry explores how “women have to constantly justify their right to exist and negotiate for their own space.”

Clairo ‘Ameoba’ 

On the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Immunity’, Clairo pulls from the warm, rich tones of Carole King and Joni Mitchell, showcasing a new side to her masterful songwriting. ‘Sling’ may not be the album many people expected but it’s sure to be a transformative moment in the singer’s career. The themes may be more considered and she expands her sound with more natural-sounding elements like flutes, strings and lap steel guitar; but it’s her beautifully candid, unguarded way of writing that continues to stand out. As if throwing their arms around you, her songs provide warm, spacious shelter.  Listen to ‘Amoeba’ – a jaunty slice of vintage pop and one of the album’s many highlights.

Goodnight Louisa ‘Get Your Hands Off My Girlfriend’ 

Goodnight Louisa, aka Edinburgh artist and producer Louise McCraw has shared a powerful new single called ‘Get Your Hands Off My Girlfriend’. Against a glimmering disco-pop sheen, McShaw explores the hidden abuse of gay women in what were thought to be safe spaces. Her clear vocals and razor-sharp lyrics contrast the bright instrumental – big 80s-inspired drums and gleaming synths provide the backdrop to this troubling experience. Said to be the first single from an upcoming debut album, it’s a visceral piece of songwriting that marks the beginning of an exciting chapter.

ENNY ‘Keisha’s and Brenda’s’ 

Fast-rising South London rapper Enny has shared her eagerly anticipated debut EP today ‘Under Twenty Five’. Featuring previous singles like ‘Same Old’ and ‘Peng Black Girls’, the seven-track EP explores powerful themes through a cocktail of soulful R&B and witty rap lines – her laid-back flow and slick voice shining throughout. With each track an open expression of real-life events or emotions felt by the artist, ‘Keisha’s and Brenda’s’ offers up one of her most incisive displays yet.

Pixey ‘Sunshine State’ 

Liverpool-based pop extrovert Pixey is back with ‘Sunshine State’ a well-timed burst of sunny optimism. Brimming with energy, the track carries itself with a baggy sway before exploding to life on the colourful chorus. It’s all about “people coming together through music and being free to start whatever revolution they want, big or small. It’s also about that power and mood that music can give you,” she says.

Caroline Polachek ‘Bunny is a Rider’ 

Caroline Polachek evades capture on her pop banger ‘Bunny is a Rider’. Featuring a scorching bass line from producer Danny L Harle, the track is a sonic departure from the dreamy, introspective indie-pop we’re used to hearing from Polachek. Instead she veers into spicier territories with a twitchy production and well-placed whistles. Buoyant and upbeat, Polachek says “it’s a summer jam about being unavailable”.