Dead Pony ‘RAINBOWS’ 

With their debut album ‘Ignore This’ drawing ever closer (5th April), the band have shared live favourite ‘Rainbows’. An anthem of self-love and acceptance, it’s a track bursting with positivity and of course, another killer chorus. Lead singer Anna Shields said: RAINBOWS is a song about loving yourself. Growing up as a teenager, I always felt like a bit of an outcast and I never felt comfortable in my own skin. It’s only as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised that being true to yourself is the most beautiful thing that you can be and that you don’t need to fit the mould to be worthy of loving who you are.

“This song is for 13 year old Anna and all of the other people out there who haven’t yet realised that their differences are beautiful. Just remember, no matter how bleak things may seem, Rainbows always come and things always get better.”

LeisureLand ‘Bliss’ 

One half of the releases out this week via the Crowded Flat imprint, LeisureLand have shared a bright, breezy new track called ‘Bliss’. Living up to its names, there’s shades of wistful reflection imbued through its woozy chords and dreamy melodies. Moving along at its own blissed out, unhurried pace, it’s a sun-kissed slice of indie rock that has dreaming of tinnies in the park.

Bandit Country ‘Vanish With’ 

Next up from Crowded Flat is Motherwell outfit and Tenement Trail alumni Bandit Country. A band who deal  in the more esoteric end of post-punk, ‘Vanish With’ is a song that sounds like it comes from deep within – its sparse instrumentation building into an intense wall of searing guitars, gut-wrenching vocals and cacophonous distortion.

The Noise Club ‘3:10 to Paisley’ 

Described by the band as a ‘space cowboy stomper’, The Noise Club have shared the aptly named ‘3:10 to Paisley’.  Known for their eclectic mix of tense genre-bending sounds, what initially seems like a classic driving indie-rocker soon develops into something else entirely – think morricone guitar lines, brooding vocals  and more. The cinematic concoction builds to an almight finale with a rapturous guitar solo and galloping rhythms.

Tamzene ‘What Sundays Are For’

With a voice that can lend to itself to everything from sparse, heart-rending ballads to upbeat pop anthems, Tamzene has returned with a new single called ‘What Sundays Are For’. Set to feature on the upcoming ‘In Any Weather’ EP out 16th August via Young Poet, this track falls in the latter category –  dabbling in fun South American rhythms and filled with bright soaring choruses. An ode to to the freedom of youth and infinite potential of sunny, unscripted Sundays, it’s a joyful dose of sun-kissed pop.

Keir Gibson ‘Weak Ties’ 

Fort William singer-songwriter Keir Gibson has shared his self-produced EP ‘Week Ties’, featuring three songs released in 2023 plus two brand-new tracks ‘Brave/Break’ and ‘the moving title track. Marking the culmination of a period of reinvention for the singer, the EP explores themes of loss with a real lyrical rawness that tugs on the heartstrings. Led by his flawless and soulful pop vocal, it’s an emotive collection that points to a bright future ahead. He plays Glasgow’s Poetry Club on 15th March and Tooth & Claw in Inverness in support of the EP.

Josephine Sillars ‘Loveliest Things Change’ 

The prolific Josephine Sillars, also known for her work with Rubber Rose and playing keys for Declan Welsh, has returned to her solo project with the release of her new EP ‘Loveliest Things Change’. Out today, the EP delves into the pop-focused sound we’ve heard from her most recent material, along with more laid-back dream pop and the piano-based songwriting from the start of her career. Unafraid to push the boundaries of her artistry, it’s her most cohesive and accomplished project to date.

“This EP is a collection of songs that sum up my early 20s….that was a really confusing time – brilliant, but also difficult,” explain Josephine. “I’ve read reviews of my music in the past where people have talked about how I need to ‘find my sound’, and I’ve often worried that my fuller bodies of work can sometimes come across as incoherent – but isn’t that what everyone’s early 20s feel like? The oldest song on this EP was written in 2019, right through to newer ones written last year.”

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