Dead Pony ‘IGNORE THIS’ 

The title of Dead Pony’s debut album feels like a challenge more than a statement. ‘IGNORE THIS’ has been years in the making and the quartet live up to all expectations – delivering an absolute beast of an album that is as innovative and addictive as it is endlessly thrilling. Driven by a desire to be audaciously themselves, they take full control of the record with guitarist Blair Crichton on production duties – hopping from head-banging nu-metal, dark electronica and hard rock with ease, while still retaining their own individual sound. Cinematic in style and brimming with self-assured swagger, each element works seamlessly together – from Anna’s powerful lead vocals to Blair’s breakneck riffs, all underpinned by a throbbing rhythm section that drives the intensity up. Delivering one banger after another, it’s a ferociously heavy, ambitious and endlessly creative record that deserves your attention – trying to avert your ears will be no easy task.

San Jose ‘For Jim, I Loved You’

Differing immensely from their debut single, ‘Self Help’, San Jose demonstrate their intentions to carve themselves a unique edge within the diverse scene brewing in Glasgow with latest track, ‘For Jim, I Loved You’. Parallels can be drawn between the brooding twist on indie rock similar to Shame and Black Midi, where a wall of noise collides with a climactic chorus. Described by the band as, “exploring the hook of faith”, this action-packed track soaked in euphoria sheds light on sin, belief and power.

Calum Bowie ‘Love Lost’ 

Fresh from joining EMI Records, Calum Bowie has shared a new single called ‘Love Lost’. Driven by his trademark acoustic guitar and elevated with a rousing electric guitar solo, the track is imbued with a hopeful sense of optimism as Calum dreams of new love and escape under the skiles of his home in the Scottish Highlands.

He says: “When I had the idea for the song, I’d been away working for a while, spending a lot of time in cities and not really getting out much,” says Calum. “I wasn’t feeling my best, missing home and I guess I did need an escape. I had the line ‘let’s get love lost’, about the feeling of first being in love with someone and wanting to spend all your time with them. You want to get away from the world, get lost together and find out all there is to know about each other.”

Hound ‘Uncomfy’ 

Hound have shared their debut double EP ‘Some Days Were Good.. But Mostly It was Grim’ via their own Slack Jaw label. Taking influence from the likes of Weezer, Pavemnet, Parquet Courts and Yuck, they take their lo-fi slacker rock to new heights with power pop melodies, intricate guitar works and big vocal harmonies.

They say: “It’s been an erratic journey for Hound, having members depart, new arrive, all the while still grafting for our biggest project to date, hence the chosen title. I feel it reflects what the band has been and what it has become, capturing the emotion and inspiration that has come out of this journey, overall using the experience to our benefit” vocalist/guitarist Zack Manson says of ‘Some Days Were Good…But Mostly It Was Grim’.

On talking about the individual tracks, “They vary from songs about loved ones, issues we’ve overcome within the band; mental health and the positive role of our community in our lives.”

Be Charlotte ‘ This Is Not A Goodbye

Scottish singer-songwriter Be Charlotte has returned with a new single ‘This Is Not A Goodbye’. Armed with a message of resilience and perseverance, the track finds Charlotte grappling with a transitional period of her life – looking back on the past while still looking to the future with and optimism at what lies ahead. Delivered over a stirring backdrop of evocative pop, it’s a poignant return.


Released through SO Recordings, this riff-driven bluesy-rock banger precedes ‘POSTINDUSTRIAL HOMETOWN BLUES’ – the debut album set for release on 10th May.

On the album the band comment, “POSTINDUSTRIAL HOMETOWN BLUES is about learning that we are connected by our common struggles and though dark and rageful, the album holds a quiet sentiment of love and hope. It’s about laughing at the face of the void, recognising its oppressive weight, holding hands and moving forward.”

‘BLACK DOG/ WHITE HORSE’ demonstrates the wide range in sound that BIG SPECIAL are developing a reputation for, having the ability to blend hard-hitting punk energy with bluesy guitar licks and a haunting ambience.

Soft Launch ‘Cartwheels’

After receiving its first play from  Declan McKenna sitting in for Clara Amfo, self-proclaimed ‘Irish boyband’ Soft Launch have laid down a market with the release of their brilliant debut single ‘Cartwheels’.’ Comprised of Josh McClorey, Benedict Quinn, Conor Price, and Henry Pearce, the band write, produce and interchange instruments and vocals throughout their recording process and live shows, showcasing a tangible chemistry and bringing their unique personalities to the fore. Having already sold out gigs with not a morsel fo new music out in the world, ‘Cartwheels’ signals the beginning of an exciting new journey – a twisting, turning, sharply melodic piece of indie songwriting.

Tune in to the full playlist below: