Soapbox ‘HAWD THAT’

If you’ve not seen Soapbox yet, you need to stick that on your to-do list. Unfortunately their headline at King Tuts this weekend is completely sold out – such has been the rapid growth of their word-of-moth following. To coincide with the eagerly anticipated show, the band have dropped their debut EP ‘HAWD THAT’ like a bolt out the blue. Arriving via Bold Cut Records (home to Joesef), the five-track project is a relentless punk assault – full of grit, sardonic wit and undeniable charisma. And while it’s a fun listen, they don’t hold back – hitting out at private public transport, fascism, burdenous societal expectations with a striking directness.  Featuring the likes of the aforementioned ‘Private Public Transport’ and ‘Fascist Bob’, they continue their momentum with opener ‘Yer Da’, as well as the pummelling, unforgiving ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ and ‘Meter Made’ – and it’s a triumph from start to finish. This is a classic punk band in every sense of the word – tearing through seventies influences into the modern day with heaps of potential and ambition.

Zoe Graham ‘Evilin’

Marking her first release in three years, Zoe Graham has ushered in a new era with the release of ‘Evilin’. There’s shades of St Vincent, Beck and Kate Bush in the textured track – plush synths weave in and around taut rhythms while she circles back to a catchy chorus. There’s more colour and confidence to Graham’s songwriting – as she takes her sound down exciting new routes.

‘Evilin is a battle cry” says Zoe. “It reads like a reenactment of how it feels to be purposely confused. Evilin is a channeller of emotional exhaustion. Someone you feel like you depend on and feel scared of all at once. Someone you will put before yourself, and not in a fun way. She isn’t good for you, but there’s something about her you wish you could be more of yourself, a determined independence, relentlessness but a lack of empathy.”

Blair Davie ‘Prague’

Nominated for IVORS’ Rising Star Award, Scottish singer-songwriter Blair Davie has shared a moving new single called ‘Prague’. Produced and mixed by Daniel Green (Coldplay), the song is an emotional return – shining a light on their powerful vocals against a piano-led backdrop.

Adding about “Prague”, Blair said, “Prague is about the realisation that it doesn’t matter where you are, anywhere can feel like home. I wrote it at the start of 2024 when I was beginning to change my approach to songwriting. I wanted to start chasing magic and joy this year and just really embrace the pleasure in writing music. I had been planning a romantic getaway and the most exciting part of that was really just the idea that we could go anywhere!! I felt like there was something thrilling in that and then when I came up with the riff on the piano, the lyric “we could go to Prague” just fell onto my lap and the song wrote itself after that. This song can be the perfect background to your summer, your love stories, friendships and the joy of exploring the world. It’s been amazing to see it connecting with people from all different corners of the globe.”

Niteworks ‘An Toll Dubh’

‘A Toll Dubh’ is the final single from Niteworks to commemorate the group’s last year as a band, paired with the announcement of new tour dates. Marking a historic moment for the group after almost two decades together, Niteworks have earned a reputation at the forefront of Scotland’s folk and electronics music scene.

Their final tour – the Solas Na Maidne Tour – is the gaelic for Morning Light, or daybreak. The name was chosen by the band to symbolise the end of their “night’s work” and hence the end of Niteworks as a band. Such themes have featured prominently throughout Niteworks back catalogue, with tracks such as Beul na h-Oidhche (“Night fall”) and albums Air Fair an La (“Dawn of the Day”), and A Ghrian (“The Sun”), but the tour will play on this further, employing visuals to tell of the history of the band throughout their years, symbolised by progression from nightfall to sunrise.

New dates added to the tour include Inverness’s Eden Court on 6th November and London’s The Garage on 9th November.

Static ‘Drop Dead Diva’

Hailing from Falkirk, five-piece alt-rock outfit Static release ‘Drop Dead Dive’ through Electric Honey Records. Bursting with riotous energy, the quintet are set to propel through the live circuit ranks amidst their rising reputation for chaotic live shows soaked in infectious melodies. Alicia MacDonald comments on the band’s excitement signing with Electric Honey, “It just gives us so many opportunities that we didn’t have before, and to be put alongside previously signed bands such as Biffy Clyro and Snow Patrol is fantastic”.

Tune in to the full playlist below.