Theo Bleak & The Twilight Sad ‘Don’t Borrow Grief From Later’

Produced by Mark Johnston and Kenneth Babarinsa, Theo Bleak returns with their second release of the year after the Heaven.wav EP made available at the start of May. Featuring James Graham of The Twilight Sad, it’s a stunning collaboration between two of Scotland’s finest musical talents – Katie Lynch’s delicate vocals the perfect complement to Graham’s emotionally charged brogue. Both artists are known for their powerfully introspective and emotive songwriting and when they combine, it’s every bit as impactful as you’d expect – with a stunningly intense chorus at the heart of it.

Theo Bleak comments, “This song feels like a rare dream come true. I am grateful beyond words to have collaborated with all named above , my kind and creative friends who I respect and love.”

The track featured a spin on BBC Radio Scotland this week before release courtesy of Vic Galloway, check it out below.

Tina Sandwich ‘I Want’

Hailed as fan favourite at live shows, the latest release from Tina Sandwich packs all the screeching urgency of an indie sleaze hit, contrasted with the world weary lyrics of those living through a second recession.

The band describe the track, “As much as this sounds like a party rock anthem, it’s a rallying cry against consumerism and complacency – think X-Ray Spex for the 21st century.”

Having recently joined Declan Welsh & The Decadent West, Theo Bleak and more at a sold out St. Luke’s show in aid of Islamic Help, Tina Sandwich has so far enjoyed a successful 2024 with slots at Glasgow’s House Guest Festival and Stockton Calling.

Bemz ‘ROWDY’

The inimitable Bemz is back and on fine form on new single ‘ROWDY’. Having only featured on the Big Miz track ‘Glass In My Hand’ this year, it’s a confident return from the acclaimed rapper – made in collaboration with Paisley-based artist Washington. It also marks a shift in sound – favouring driving, high-energy beats and direct lyrics, as opposed to the emotional themes like family, home and self-acceptance we’ve heard before, particularly on the SAY-nominated ‘Nova’s Dad’. A striking combination of two undeniable talents, he says of the track:

“Rowdy is a straight-forward ode to how far we’ve both come on our journey from locals boys to hardworking men. The sound is very different from what I would usually put out – it’s more up beat and in your face, rather than lowkey.

“The writing process was very simple. When I heard Washington’s verse on the track, I knew I had to put something on to match his energy, and the single was born. The track also differs from previous collaborations between myself and Washington, so it shows our growth and development as artists, too.

Indoor Foxes ‘White Rabbit’

Addressing feelings of innocence and self-destruction in relationships, ‘White Rabbit’ is the latest single from Indoor Foxes. Released through Glasgow’s Bold Cut label, the track continues the momentum established from ‘Plant Pot Song’ released earlier this year.

Martha comments, “To ‘kill the white rabbit in me’ is to destroy that childlike-innocent optimism. There’s a kind of double consciousness to it where I’m asking to be destroyed, while not really knowing what that means. It romanticises self-destruction. I wanted the song to cradle you through the complete obliteration of self you experience in a toxic relationship.”

Currently writing with Ross Leighton of Fatherson and working with producer Jamie Holmes (Joesef and Gerry Cinnamon), 2024 is set to be a breakout year for Indoor Foxes, with a determination to keep her music as big and honest as possible.

Uninvited ‘Holly’

Glasgow outfit Uninvited fully lean into their pop punk influences on their highly addictive new single ‘Holly’. A queer anthem full of teenage angst and relatable themes, it careens through catchy chorus after chorus – driven by pummelling drums and punky guitar lines. Marking their first release a a fully independent band, it’s a rousing return and a thrilling start to this new chapter.

Charlie Preston & Beth Houston ‘Do U Want My Lovin’?’

Embracing authenticity and uniqueness, Charlie and Beth omitted their usual routine of sampling, instead writing the tune from scratch. Beth’s vocals were re-sampled, resulting in this choppy and euphoric dance record. Following on from Charlie’s debut release ‘Popstar’ made available in May this year, ‘Do U Want My Lovin’?’ joins the growing momentum created over at Scotland’s own Mañana Electronic label.

Charlie comments, “Influenced by the increasingly popular emotional dance scene, through floaty pads and rich vocals ‘Do U Want My Lovin’?’ encapsulates the feeling of escaping an unfulfilling relationship and the realisation of one’s self-worth”.

Written in a single afternoon, Charlie’s second single is fast establishing his ability to produce festival-ready bangers, of which the Glasgow-based producer already boasts slots at FLY Open Air in Edinburgh, the iconic Sub Club, Sneaky Pete’s and a recent performance at Ibiza.

The Romantidote  ‘Just A Little Bit Closer’

Forming the first single of the upcoming E.P. ‘The Diary of a Recovering Cynic’ releasing in the summer, ‘Just A Little Bit Closer’ provides listeners with soothing vocals and layered production through a relatable narrative exploring new found love. Written and recorded during the E.P.’s studio sessions, the track features improvisation from the band members’ guitar and keyboard playing, adding to the sweet texture. Lyrically based on an unassuming night in the singer/ songwriter’s Edinburgh home, the gentle chorus has echoes of Walk On the Wild Side, a catchy refrain that betrays the nagging thoughts of new love. With retrained drums and arrangements, the song never spills over into gaudy sentimentality and floats through its runtime. There is a general sense of calmness and ease, like a sun-kissed morning in bed with a new lover.

Cloud House ‘Broken

With summer vibes reminiscent of Vistas and Retro Video Club, Cloud House release their first track of the year in ‘Broken’. Following on from their 7 track debut album ‘Still Here’ made available in November last year, the quintet showcase a youthful, indie-rock sound ready to take on festivals across the UK in 2024. With an upcoming show at Glasgow’s McChuills on the way in September and tipped as ‘Artist Of The Week’ by The Scotsman, expect to see plenty more of Cloud House throughout this year.


Big Girl’s Blouse ‘Sleepy Girls’ 

Glasgow punks Big Girl’s Blouse have shared their first new single of 2024, called ‘Sleepy Girls’. Marking their first release since last year’s ‘Man Up’ EP, it picks up where they left off – reinvigorated and slightly more refined. A scintillating three minutes of controlled chaos, it’s driven by wiry yet melodic guitars, veracious lyrics and pummelling rhythms – rising in intensity before galloping into a squalling, wholly invigorating wall of noise. Bearing shades of Sleater Kinney in its spirited guitars and revved up layered arrangements, they say it’s “for all the sleepy girls who would love to change the world but don’t know how and have just woken up.”

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