Luke La Volpe ‘Symphony’ 

Mere weeks after sharing the towering ‘Landslide’, Luke La Volpe is back with ‘Symphony’. Known for his stirring balladry and brooding arrangements, the new track takes him in a compelling new direction – one that sees his distinctive vocals adorned with stabbing keys, soaring strings and surging guitar lines. Brilliantly arranged by Craig McMahon (Joesef, Fat Suit, Pronto Mama etc), it’s cinematic in every sense of the word – reaching new heights of grandiosity without ever losing the listener. It’s all anchored by a Luke’s staggering vocals and a hearty punch of a chorus.

Tamzene ‘Best Of Me’ 

After making her Glastonbury debut at the weekend, Tamzene has shared ‘Best of Me’ – a powerful reflection on young love and heartbreak. Set to feature on her forthcoming In Any Weather EP, it finds the singer reflecting on a past relationship against a moving piano melody, gently adorned with flashes of synth and guitar. A long-time staple of her live sets, she said: “I wrote Best Of Me on the piano I grew up with, at home in the highlands, in the summer of 2019,” the singer recalls. “It’s about the kind of young, innocent love that consumes you and the sacrifices you’re willing to make for the other person – I really would have done anything. And when it’s gone, you’re lost.

Alice Faye ‘songs for my sisters’

Alice Faye has shared a new project called ‘songs for my sisters’, featuring ‘Edie’ and ‘How Are You?’. With the kind of rare, commanding voice that could stop anyone in their tracks, Faye has carved an entirely unique sound in recent years – one that feels rooted in the past (think Judy Garland), yet with a refreshing theatricality to her songwriting (ABBA, Kate Bush). ‘songs for my sisters’ exhibits this wonderfully – from the storytelling flair and dramatics of ‘Edie’ to the gentle, string-adorned ‘How Are You?.

Aim For Two ‘Fair One’ 

One of the first names announced for this year’s TENEMENT TRAIL, Aim For Two deal in gritty, in-your-face indie rock inspired by the likes of The Strokes and The Hives. However, following on from previous singles ‘Nicotine’ and ‘Knock Me Dead’, their latest offering shows an entirely different side to their music. ‘Fair One’ is a heartfelt ballad delivered over acoustic guitars that gradually builds to a rocking, impassioned finale.

BRSR ‘Protector’ 

Having spent some time holed away in the studio, BRSR have re-emerged with a new single called ‘Protector’. Previously catching our attention with ‘Blue and Green’ and ‘Faceless’, the band have marked their return with their heaviest release to date. Channelling the likes of Deftones and Alice in Chains, it’s driven by brooding guitar work and vocals – before a mammoth breakdown, all heavy duty riffs, pounding drums and an electrifying solo. Having quickly carved out their own lane in the local scene, it’s an invigorating return – watch this space.

Ari Tsugi “Hold Me Tight (抱きしめて)”

Gasgow-based psychedelic jazz group Ari Tsugi have today unveiled their debut album ‘Simultaneity (同時性)’ on renowned producer Rebecca Vasmant’s imprint Rebecca’s Records. Featuring a host of Scottish talent including corto.alto’s Mateusz Sobieski, Azamiah’s India Blue and Liam Shorthall, the LP traverses a genre space, instead journeying through shifts in tone and storytelling. A heady mix of spiritual jazz, psychedelic fusion, and Brazilian rhythms, it’s a hypnotic and transformative listening journey – told through intricate arrangements, captivating improvisations, and evocative melodies. Check out the lead single below.

Dylan Winters ‘The Night Before the Morning After’ 

Glasgow rocker Dylan Winters this week unveiled new single ‘The Night Before The Morning After’. Taking influence from heavy hitters like Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, it’s a track brimming with attitude and rock & roll ambition – driven by a rumbling bassline, pounding drums and a gritty, commanding lead vocal. Exploring that all too familiar feeling of giving into the temptations of excess and reckless abandon, it’s a surging return.

Tune into the full playlist below.