148de924REGULARLY cited as a band that have taken pride of place among the era’s finest psychedelic outfits, Unknown Mortal Orchestra took it upon themselves to throw the industry a curve-ball on their third LP Multi Love. 

Inspired by frontman and main creative force Ruban Nielson’s experience with a polyamorous relationship, it eschewed the sound of past LP’s in favour of something altogether less abstract.

Unquestionably their strongest LP to date and one which TTV scored favourably upon release, they’ve released the video for album highlight ‘Ur Life One Night.’

Beginning with dizzying electronics before its jaunty beat comes to the fray, ‘Ur Life One Night’ sees Nielsen embody the spirit of Prince circa Around The World In A Day whilst maintaining the off-kilter tendencies that led everyone to fall in love with UMO in the first place.

Bouyed by an infectious melody that’s sure to be stuck in your head for hours upon coming into contact with it, it’s one of their most accomplished pieces to date.

Check out the intriguing accompanying visuals below: