brainchild of twins Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson, The Van T’s have more than left their imprint in the Scottish music scene’s collective consciousness of late and have received high praise for their melding of 90’s tinged, rambunctious alt-rock and extremely punchy yet endearing songwriting.

Intent on ramping up the intensity as their reputation begins to expand beyond the borders of their home nation, the band have provided the first indication of what to expect from new EP A Coming Of Age with the exuberant ’35mm’

Packed with blistering guitars which allude to bands such as Babes In Toyland, L7 and Sugar on their classic Copper Blue LP, 35mm is a an indictment of the modern generation’s  tendencies towards apathy and vanity.

With the intersecting vocals of the twins placed at the forefront and allowing them to feed off one another, ’35mm’ depicts their forthcoming EP’s title as a very apt one indeed as it displays a band that are finding their own lane and pursuing all of its directions.

‘A Coming Of Age’ will be released on the 10th June via Bloc+ Music and the band will play this Sunday’s Stag And Dagger in Glasgow.

Check out the track below: