van tttttt
on a conversation in Glasgow about the leading lights of the city’s ever prosperous scene and you’d be hard pushed not to hear at least one party cite The Van T’s as a band with the potential to eschew a reputation as a local band and make their way into the wider world.

With a myriad of festivals under their belt and having recently performed heir debut gig in London alongside the hotly touted HAWK, all signs lead to 2016 being the year that the four piece make not the nation but the industry as a whole take notice.

With their new EP expected to be released at the end of July, the band have revealed their brand new video for ‘Blood Orange.’

Originally premiered by tastemaker Huw Stephens on his BBC Radio, ‘Blood Orange’ is the band’s most ambitious outing as of yet and aims for the sonic wonderment of Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Siamese Dream’ in its mountainous riffs and sleek production. The astutely interwoven vocals of Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson; now a staple of the band’s sonic palette, sound more self-assured than ever as they guide the band through a hard-hitting and thoroughly rewarding outing which presents this promising group at their most dynamic.

Directed by Ben Cowie of Wake Up Advice, its accompanying video has a certain warmth to it on account of its lo-fi aesthetic and VHS-style footage. flitting between shots of the band themselves and archive clips of natural disasters and explosions which the track’s imposing and undeterred sound seem tailor-made to soundtrack, it’s a statement of intent for anyone that’s yet to be exposed to the group.

The band’s forthcoming EP A Coming Of Age will be released on the 1st July via Bloc+ Music.

Watch the video now below: