OVER a year on from the release of 2019’s ‘Control’, The Van T’s are back with a healthy dose of hazy, riff-heavy optimism. Teaming up with Glasgow’s prolific 7 West Music for the first time, the track is a striking continuation of their vibrant and defiant brand of alt-rock. Drenched in waves of reverb and distortion, ‘Seeing Stars’ is a firm rejection of apathy and complacency – an ode to self-preservation delivered via soaring guitar lines, warmly effected vocal harmonies and powerful grooves. The Van T’s are back.

Hannah Van Thompson says “So, I wrote ‘Seeing Stars’ off the back of an ongoing battle with mental health issues. After a year-long slump I started off with the lyrics ‘I want to believe in something inside me’. It started off as words on paper and grew arms and legs until eventually I had a song. I’m happy with the way the music itself resonates a sense of growth in strength. I wanted the song to be punchy and bright, it sort of reflects the way I want to progress in getting better. I hope those who have the same issues can relate to this song.”

She continues “At the start of the song it states, “I’m the King of Queens” for a slight tongue-in-cheek, like “Yass Queen”…”On yourself” for getting back out there. Personally, I try not to take myself too seriously, I stop worrying about things as much and what others perceive of me.  “Seeing stars again” is a slight nod to being out of that dark place and overcoming demons. I so hope the song can be enjoyed and danced to, with everything that’s going on in society and across the globe. These are trying times and I know the band are excited to get playing this live again.”

Listen below.