AFTER emerging in the middle of lockdown with the gorgeous ‘Babyshowers’, VanIves are back with another new offering called ‘Heartstuck’.

Continuously pushing their genre-crossing sound into exciting new territories, the past few months certainly haven’t curtailed the band’s creative momentum with their latest track said to be the product of some late-night experimenting.

This time the trio opt for a more minimalist approach, deep detuned vocals weaving in and out of Stuart Ramage’s soulful delivery against a sparse yet dreamy production. The track picks up speed around the halfway mark for a brief interlude of racing beats and subtle electronics before dissolving away into a piano-led finish.

It’s a track that wouldn’t sound out of place on The 1975’s latest album ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ as VanIves flex their creative impulses once more while retaining the lush, heart-rending balladry that we’ve come to adore.

Check out the spellbinding track below.