IT is fair to say that VANT have been a refreshing addition to the UK’s indie rock scene this year. The four-piece have become renowned for openly voicing their opinion through their music by often injecting their hook-laden anthems with bold political statements. Their latest single ‘Peace and Love’ offers a more positive message through political strife and has been matched with a truly stirring video that hits their point home even further.

Shot in Kiev and Amman throughout October 2016, the video follows two groups of young people who attempt to live a life overshadowed by war; its cinema-style visuals interwoven with footage from real-life conflict taken by the cast themselves. A truly powerful viewing experience, it conveys the song’s important message by showing scenes of strength and friendship within scenes of war and conflict.

The song has all the features of a classic VANT anthem but with a more emotional focus; lead singer Mattie Vant driving home the message ‘We want peace and love’ on the chorus with great feeling. It’s a simple sentiment that has been repeated in music for many years but VANT do so in truly stirring fashion with this new track and video.

It has been a monumental year for the band who have their eyes set firmly on a busy 2017 with the news that their debut album Dumb Blood will be released on 17th February.  Check out the video below: